Winners of the Your First Home Sweepstakes

Between August and October 31st, people signed up for the American Home Shield Your First Home Sweepstakes with a chance to win one of:

  • 1 of 14 $500 Apple Store gift cards
    (one drawn weekly!)
  • 1 of 28 $50 iTunes gift cards
    (two drawn weekly!)
  • 1 of 4 $3,000 Apple Store gift cards
    (one drawn monthly!)

To register, participants went to facebook.com/team.ahs, liked our page, selected the Your First Home Sweepstakes tab and entered their contact information. It was that easy. For additional entries, they shared their sweepstakes registration on their Facebook page and we gave them an additional five entries.

Congratulations to Our Winners!

Dyel Talbot $50.00 AZ
Sharon Fitch $50.00 KY
Donna Nemuras $50.00 MD
Chasen Seymore $50.00 CA
Nichole Lavigne $50.00 NV
Raymond Kang $50.00 HI
Elizabeth Perron $500.00 WA
Sheri Barcus $50.00 CA
Chad Estes $50.00 OR
Sarah Henderson $500.00 TX
Doug Maas $50.00 MT
Stacie Davis $3,000.00 CA
Sannon Morris $50.00 CA
Ashley Panter $50.00 GA
Deborah Elowson $500.00 CA
Nanci Gilstrap $500.00 IL
Steven Sims $50.00 IL
Travis Hiatt $500.00 IA
Ray Prock $50.00 CA
Jacqueline Roberts $50.00 CA
Beth Embrey-Kelsay $50.00 MS
Michael Goldberg $50.00 NJ
Michael Parker $500.00 SC
Tonya Williams $50.00 MO
Kimberly Hodges $3,000.00 AL
Mandy King $50.00 MS
Ashley Grat $500.00 KS
Kristin Marose $3,000.00 MN
Joy Campbell $500.00 TX
Lawrie Yearsley $50.00 MN
Tatiana Tomacelli $50.00 CA
Mandy Miller $500.00 NV
Debra McGee $50.00 TX
Dana Schmitt $50.00 KS
Brandi Brigance $500.00 MS
Robert B. Williams $50.00 MN
Mary Bryan $500.00 TN
Kathleen Waelde $50.00 CA
Stephanie Guy $50.00 MS
Joyce Polega $500.00 CA
Ashley Panter $500.00 GA
Niki Duncan $3,000.00 TX
Katherine Katches $50.00 CA